Konin: Green courtyard in Chorzeń

Konin becomes a green city investing in many development projects and sustainable solutions. Green courtyard in Chorzeń is a great example of a green space that has just been built for its residents .

It is a part of a project "Green city corridors - climate awakening in Konin" that has been realised by our partner: Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The initiative has been funded through the EEA Grants, co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as well as the national and municipal budget.

In this project we wanted to give the space a recreational and decorative function.

You can see there an unusual rainwater storage system – the leaves are rain catchers.

There are new benches with backrest and armrests, new garbage bins, a flowerpot with Red Box function. As the vertical vegetation is currently of interest, 140 sqm of green facades have been created, planted with parthenocissus vitacea, also known as thicket creeper. Nicely layered flower beds will provide maximum visual appeal when all the plants mature.

Next year in spring season, Chorzen’s community will enjoy a pleasant outdoor place. In the meantime, please take a look at the Green courtyard project implementation!

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