How the city of Piastów is adapting to climate change

Piastów is a city located in the immediate neighbourhood of Warsaw. The Municipality of Piastów is implementing a number of projects to foster adaptation to climate change. One of them is the project entitled "Creating Blue-Green Infrastructure in the city of Piastów", which consists in conducting activities of green-blue infrastructure activities and increasing the size of green areas, intensifying activities related to the management of rainwater in the city in its place, eliminating urban "heat islands", counteracting food waste and improving the microclimate inside the city.

The project's comprehensive nature takes into account adaptation, mitigation and education activities that are coherent and interrelated. It is implemented in the frame of the 'Environment, Energy and Climate Change' programme in the area of 'Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation' and is funded by the EEA 2014-2021.

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