Green-blue infrastructure in Piastow, summary of investment activities

As part of the project entitled 'Creation of green-blue infrastructure in the city of Piastów', the following investment activities are being carried out in the field of green-blue infrastructure, increasing the amount of green areas, intensifying activities related to the on-site management of rainwater in the city, eliminating Urban Heat Islands, preventing food waste and improving the microclimate in the city:

  1. Construction of a green roof on the building at 6 Lwowska st. in Piastów, with the installation of micro wind turbines.
  2. Building a green roof on the garage building of the Voluntary Fire Brigade at Warszawska st. in Piastów.
  3. Development of the patio area at Primary School No. 3 in Tysiąclecia Avenue, plot no. 664, precinct 02
  4. Development of the area by the branch of the environmental and integration day-care centre in Sułkowskiego st.
  5. Renovation of the ditch in the park in ul. Św. Stanisława Kostki in Piastów.
  6. Establishment of rain gardens. Building a system to prevent food waste in the city. Establishment of fruit and vegetable farms on the land of Primary School No. 2, Primary School No. 3, Primary School No. 4 in Piastów.
  7. Establishment of a green wall system on the territory of the city of Piastów. Construction of a green wall at the screens along the railway line in Szarych szeregów Street, renovation and extension of the pergola in Lwowska Street and construction of a green wall on the building of Primary School No. 3 in Aleja Tysiąclecia 5.
  8. Exchange and installation of bus stops into green bus stops in the city of Piastów as well as exchange and installation of trash shelters into green roof shelters,
  9. Development of the area by SPZOZ Piastun in Piastów on plots of land No. 68/20, 68/21, 68/22, 68/23, precinct 03 Skorupki 16A - landscaping, construction of a rain garden, green walls and a pergola.

The project is comprehensive taking into account climate adaptation, mitigation and education activities that are coherent and interrelated. It is implemented from the Environment, Energy and Climate Change programme, from the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation area and is funded by the MF EEA 2014-2021.

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