Project "Green city corridors - climate awakening in Konin" - a study trip to Scandinavia

In the last days of June (19.06.22 - 23.06.22), a study trip to Scandinavia was organised as part of the "Green city corridors - climate awakening in Konin" project. The trip was attended by representatives of the City of Konin and representatives of the Polish Green Roofs Association (as a project partner). The training was organised under the leadership of the Norwegian project partner Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure and provided the visitors from Poland with knowledge, training materials and inspiration on the planning and design of blue-green infrastructure (BGI) and environmentally friendly solutions applied to the urban environment.

The theoretical part was conducted by the Scandinavian Green Roofs Association (SGRI) in Malmö, Sweden. The training was complemented by study visits to completed Scandinavian projects, where knowledge and innovations were put into practice. The sites visited during the study visits, located in Copenhagen, Malmö and Oslo, are examples of investment in innovation with ecosystem services and implementation of BGI solutions in cities.

The project entitled "Green city corridors - climate awakening in Konin" consists in the implementation of activities in the field of green infrastructure and increasing the area of green spaces, intensifying activities related to the management of rainwater in the city in its place of formation, elimination of urban heat islands and improvement of the microclimate inside the city.

The project is comprehensive and includes adaptation, mitigation and education measures that are coherent and interrelated. The project is implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme 'Environment, Energy and Climate Change', funded by the MF EEA 2014-2021 and the state budget.

Fot. Aleksander Lech, PSDZ

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